Be prepared for the next natural disaster

Overwhelmed, anxious, not sure where to begin? 

Fortifyd (formerly ClimTo) uses scientifically-backed best practices to help people prepare for natural disasters before they happen

Why is it so hard to prepare for impacts?

It's overwhelming.

Over 40% of Americans plan to prepare but haven’t gotten started*. The gap between intention and action can be large. Anxiety about natural disasters and climate impacts is high, and anxiety can make it hard to take action.

The way solutions are presented often makes it worse.

There are many lists of suggestions for how to prepare, but these lists are long and often lack detail. They also often assume people have the financial resources to prepare -- which they may not.

Fortifyd helps people go the last mile to preparedness

Fortifyd is an app inspired by best practices from behavioral science, education, and industry, to help people prepare before the next natural disaster -- whether that's a flood or fire, or even a bad air day.

Personalized, simplified action plans created by our team of experts help users learn about the risks, understand why certain solutions are effective, and build the feeling that "I can do this!"

Users thus achieve preparation goals, like having their go-bag ready or their house weatherized, while also building their skillsets and changing their mindsets.

Who Fortifyd serves

For organizations: A safety training toolbox

Safety committee spread thin? Fortifyd will create customized training sessions and communication sessions for your organization, provide your stakeholders with Premium subscriptions, and provide guidance on motivating stakeholder participation.

For individuals: On-demand expert support

Using Fortifyd's personalized action plans to cut back your trees but want a little extra help? Subscribe to Premium to consult with our preparation experts. They can even provide local recommendations for services that can help you.

Our experts work for you

Anne Pisor, PhD

Anne is a behavioral and social scientist and educator with 14 years' experience. She had the idea for Fortifyd when she realized there weren’t good tools to help people prepare for climate impacts. Her science and education backgrounds ensure Fortifyd's design and mission reflect best practices. When not working on Fortifyd, she's an Associate Professor at Washington State University.

Tim Blakey

Tim is a product design and marketing expert with 30 years' experience. He works with scientists to design products that help people protect themselves from environmental hazards. Before joining Fortifyd, he led product design for AirNow  – rated best in its category by NYT’s Wirecutter – and the Smoke Sense app.

Want to know more?

Read more about how Fortifyd's design helps people overcome three major challenges to preparation using scientifically-backed best practices.